December 8, 2008

last lifedrawing portfolio ever.

my boy genius, my boy genie *hearts*

some quack quack, chirp chirps and bloopity bloops~

and finally some lifedrawing!! :D
gonna miss this class for sure~

and until next time!!

November 4, 2008

demo so real

my demo reel!! with like..a very small update in it lols

October 7, 2008

con going

so yeah, i haven't posted in a while

but here's a short update of what i've been up to :)

went to some conventions to sell art in the artist alley, CN Fan Expo 08


Then also went to NYAF 08 @ New York City
(love to nyc and their no tax on clothing policy!!)

duno where this prof char is from...

spirited away <3>me and lisa with this cute box thing

another commission :)

he bought my square foot piece! :D

yay for NYC!

August 13, 2008

boys boys boys and otakon!

updating with some scans from my sketchbook :D

this one is a watercolour study from a magazine

and this one is a memory drawing of a guy i saw at royal winter fair, and recognized him when i saw him again for a second time on the subway :D
and i just got back from otakon like two days ago
i must say its my fav con so far this yr in terms of selling art
the ppl were a lot nicer, the artist alley was nicely organized i thought
and the costumes were cooler and funnier haha
and longer hours open at the convention
10-14hrs!! but its all good haha
it didnt even feel as tiring as AX even tho the hours were shorter there :o
and baltimore is such a nice place :) cant wait to go again~
anyways i didnt get to do many commissions at this con but here are the ones that i did :)

this is lisa and i :)
another piece i did for fun
but near the end of the convention, a man purchased it from me :o
sorry lisa! >_<

this one was the first one i did, for fun haha
but i ended up selling it and someone else asked me to redraw the exact same one
so i ended up selling two of these haha XD

a commission of aang and appa :D this was very fun and enjoyable to draw haha
<3 avatar!

this was a commission by a very cute couple :D they wore matching headphones and necklaces! (necklace isnt on the picture cuz i added it after) but it was the vivien westwood necklace~ so cute...and the guy on the left always carries that cute panda bag
the guy on the right seemed to have really like the outcome of the commission :) so it made me really happy~ yay!

and here was my last commission, fanart chibis from naruto (kakashi and iruka) hehe

yup and thats all! rawrrr

August 7, 2008

square foot.

trying to keep myself busy and my posts more frequent!
that means more art! yayyy :D
anyways please check out this show if ur in town or just have some free time!

here are my pieces, which u can find at the show!! :D

format: 12x12
title: bird watch
medium: acrylics on canvas

format: 12x12
title: hand in need
medium: mixed media on wooden panel


August 5, 2008

cloud riding.

had fun with this were fun to draw as always :)
had some trouble with the clouds but it was good practice for me i guess!! haha
this was entered into the exotique4 contest...haha hope it gets in? :P

August 3, 2008

sketch sketch

sorry for the lack of posts! its been a busy summer~ finished my internship at guru studio. learned lots :) and had a great time...been doing a little con hopping! went to california, LA (AX) and went again to San Diego Comicon. had lotsa fun and got the opportunity to meet plenty of talented and inspiring artists :) was very cool and funnnn~ been trying to draw more and heres some sketches pulled out from my sketchbook :)

im really loving these swirl things...i can do it forever <3

June 11, 2008

sketch dump

in order of being done, oldest to newest:

got my new sketchbook not long ago, had this random thought on the go train of a kid marching lol :)
at go for tea, ken and a random nobody girl ~

on my way to work, i saw this girl sitting by a tree, and everything looked like it was leaning in one direction lol, just found it amusing. the image stayed in my head and i farted it out a week or two after at destinys, drinking more :p

attended for my very first time, bobby chiu's subway sketch
was quite fun :) hoping to go do some more of that
anyways, didnt get much that day but i kind of liked this one~
not sure if the man knew if i was drawing him or not (tho he probably did)
i caught him smiling every once in a while...(to himself?) lol
he was a good model :) stayed fairly still!

photo photo

link to my new photography blog :)

April 25, 2008

"summer" so far.

so im interning/co-oping downtown toronto at a guru studios.
its fun :)

just finished my first week and im exhausted! lol
heres something i pumped out this week, were some concept designs for a dragon
weren't chosen but the process was overall fun and enjoyable :)

February 5, 2008

portfolio timessss

some new personal artwork for my portfolio since im looking for an intern/co-op placement this summer, part of the school deal
online portfolio:
linky linky

the first one...i actually saw a guy in the lab that kinda looks like this/inspired me on this lol :P

and this one...yeah speaks for itself O_o seems like i enjoy drawing retarded things haha

January 4, 2008


another lifedrawing portfolio...1st semester, 2nd portfolio