October 7, 2008

con going

so yeah, i haven't posted in a while

but here's a short update of what i've been up to :)

went to some conventions to sell art in the artist alley, CN Fan Expo 08


Then also went to NYAF 08 @ New York City
(love to nyc and their no tax on clothing policy!!)

duno where this prof char is from...

spirited away <3>me and lisa with this cute box thing

another commission :)

he bought my square foot piece! :D

yay for NYC!


Lisa Tao said...

yayyy i love the last pic :D
lettie is jumping foh joy!

eunzi kim said...

ugh. soooooo cute <333
em yeu ahn!!! =DDD is that right? i love you? or is it ahn yeu em? i forgot :S

NO FACE!!!! SO COOOOL!!!!! <333

eunzi kim said...

BAHAHHAHAHA i just saw the last one.
lettie jumping foh joy!!! hahahahahahahahah
and toby looks like someone just psed him off the ground!!!! no follow through in hangtime!!!! hahahaha

Lettie Lo said...

haha love love love the nyc pic!
and never gotten a close look for that commission u did in NYAF! love it so cute

Khoi Mai said...

looks fun, those commisions were cute, the one of that couple was my fav

Ken said...

wahey more chibis

cool pics. The box dude is awesome

RAWLS said...

I love the No Face costume!!!

Anonymous said...

I got the picture you did for me all nicely framed and up on my wall (supergirl).
I still get all giddy when I look at it. SO CUTE!
I want one like the couple now!