November 27, 2006


posting some old paintings i did before coming to sheridan
im bored and dont wanna work on my art history essay...all poor quality cuz theyre probably pictures i took with my crappy camera D: but o well

done with acrylics on canvas
(oh and theyre all copies, so not original D:)

rawr D:

November 25, 2006

Robot Love

i was bored one day o_o and this is wat i thought of~

November 18, 2006

painting and character design~

here's my paintingggg of an interior spaceeee. layout provided by the teacher, only thing i changed was the skull thing on it, was supposed to be some ugly "F" thing :o i kinda rushed thru it and only spent an hour on it so lol here is isss :D

here's my character design assignment of contrasting charactersss...had more fun with this assignment than my last oneee :o

hyper asian boy

action posesss
slumpy old man

action posess
oh and all of these are low quality :o since theyre just pictures taken with a camera and not if im bored enough one day maybe i'll change it :D

November 13, 2006

random drawings/sketches

mmm gonna be posting some random sketches and whatnot from my sketchbook~

was kindaa just sketching around during life drawing..
not the model but heres jin

here's a caricature i did of John Williamson, my storyboarding teacher :) was really fun to draw him~

tried some blind contour sketches last nite...didnt turn out amazing but it was pretty fun to see the outcome lol...
below: dom, lisa, francis

here's the skeletal drawing of a Howler Monkey
done at the ROM

drawings i did at the Royal Winter Fair on Nov 8
had to leave a little early, kinda wished i could've stayed longer but o wells it was fun :D

thats about it for now...more to come shortly :p