December 1, 2006

soooo glad crunch week is over D:
wheeeee :D now just 2 more weeks of school, cant wait O_O!

here's a caricature of yours truly done by my character design teacher, Peter Emslie :)
look like me? :p

November 27, 2006


posting some old paintings i did before coming to sheridan
im bored and dont wanna work on my art history essay...all poor quality cuz theyre probably pictures i took with my crappy camera D: but o well

done with acrylics on canvas
(oh and theyre all copies, so not original D:)

rawr D:

November 25, 2006

Robot Love

i was bored one day o_o and this is wat i thought of~

November 18, 2006

painting and character design~

here's my paintingggg of an interior spaceeee. layout provided by the teacher, only thing i changed was the skull thing on it, was supposed to be some ugly "F" thing :o i kinda rushed thru it and only spent an hour on it so lol here is isss :D

here's my character design assignment of contrasting charactersss...had more fun with this assignment than my last oneee :o

hyper asian boy

action posesss
slumpy old man

action posess
oh and all of these are low quality :o since theyre just pictures taken with a camera and not if im bored enough one day maybe i'll change it :D

November 13, 2006

random drawings/sketches

mmm gonna be posting some random sketches and whatnot from my sketchbook~

was kindaa just sketching around during life drawing..
not the model but heres jin

here's a caricature i did of John Williamson, my storyboarding teacher :) was really fun to draw him~

tried some blind contour sketches last nite...didnt turn out amazing but it was pretty fun to see the outcome lol...
below: dom, lisa, francis

here's the skeletal drawing of a Howler Monkey
done at the ROM

drawings i did at the Royal Winter Fair on Nov 8
had to leave a little early, kinda wished i could've stayed longer but o wells it was fun :D

thats about it for now...more to come shortly :p

October 28, 2006

lifedrawing as far

haven't posted in like forever D: so here's some of my life drawing from the fall semester so far. still pretty rusty and drawing incredibly slower than usual, hoping i'll start to speed it up soon enough and improve as much as i can :O but that'll take time so no worries O_oa anyways here they are:







(yeah, her right leg looks kinda weird but i just kinda like the overall drawing somehow D:)

eh, and that's about it for now~ i'll try to post more of my stuff more recently :)

July 27, 2006

art dump D:

yeah i dont post a lot so here's some stuff ive worked on during the summer /hmm

i'll post from most recent to old i guess +_+

commission requested from my friend of her bf /hmm

idea suggested by jeff

random cafe girl that i gave up on doing

myself /hmm

my house had a blackout T_T


also posted on my deviantart

i should really stop drawing so many chibis and draw some real proportional things like ppl and stuff /hmm

June 28, 2006

hmm one of my layout assignments O_o was bored so i decided to scan it in D:
and i also made an online portfolio thinger D: so check it out~

April 8, 2006

Paintings D:

Here's my master copy from Howl's Moving Castle O_oa

and here's my still life i did, didn't spend the time i should've on it but o wells O_oa

March 27, 2006

i was bored, so...

voila O_o;

i guess i'll post my most recent piece even tho its on my DA O_o;;
its the AnimeNorth Momiji girl for the contest thinger so yeah here it is:

i need to draw more D: