September 25, 2013

Alphabet Fun

I've been participating in a 30 day art challenge, here are some random ones so far! :)

Apple eating antelope.

Dagger was (and still sometimes is,) my character name for online gaming. Played Ragnarok Online for about 10 years with this IGN! Here I am, "Drunk Daggy drinking and dancing with a dewy donut!"

Felt like trying something more different! Bugs, ew~ and entire image created from only one shape!

Just tell me you've watched this!

oh my glob more to come!

September 5, 2013

Feeling Skullish - Sneak Peek

Hey guys!

So here's a study that I tried with one of my older illustrations. It still isn't exactly where I want it yet but my goal was to set a time frame and see how much I could achieve within that time. The biggest challenge this time was the linework, I created them as vectors and imported it into photoshop where I did the colors.

It's approaching the look I want so hopefully with another 2 or so hours I'll have it done! 
(So check back for that, kay?)

3-4 hours

August 15, 2013

Deep in the ocean...

Here are a bunch of doodles of Deep Sea Anglers, the thing I find most interesting about them is how they guys should really look it up haha. Tell me what you think?

Anyways, here they are along with another attempt to make my blog more lively once again. Please stop by regularly to tell me if I'm slacking ;)

June 5, 2013

New tattoo! (Nope, just kidding. )

Today I revisited one of my favorite art past times that I haven't done in a while. Doodling on skin.  Maybe because I've always had a fascination for tattoos or maybe I just love the feeling of ballpoint pens gliding over skin, whatever it is....I love it.
This doodle was purely created out of fun and like alot of my ideas, don't and shouldn't make sense.  So enjoy!

May 23, 2013

instagram doodle delight

Sometimes I draw things and post them on instagram (but most of the time it's probably food cuz im a fatty...) 
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May 9, 2013

My annual update..

Hello blog-world!

So it seems I have fallen off the radar once again and this time worse than others. Like I always say, I will try to be better at keeping my blog updated. I've been pretty caught up with work and all those excuses I'm sure you've heard a million times so >>fast forward>>

I have a lot of things that I can share that I will just spew out randomly, obviously the time will be incorrect but they will all still be produced by yours truly :)

Here are some pictures of the piece I submitted for the gallery show, DNYC Art Pop my co-worker Daehan put together and was kind enough to ask me to participate in! It was really fun to be a part of, I would love for the chance to do this again :)

 "Le Tigre"

On a side note, I've been wanting to practice my digital painting since I haven't done it nearly as much as I would want to so here's a sneak peek at 'Le Tigre" Part II.

Check back soon for more updates!