November 13, 2006

random drawings/sketches

mmm gonna be posting some random sketches and whatnot from my sketchbook~

was kindaa just sketching around during life drawing..
not the model but heres jin

here's a caricature i did of John Williamson, my storyboarding teacher :) was really fun to draw him~

tried some blind contour sketches last nite...didnt turn out amazing but it was pretty fun to see the outcome lol...
below: dom, lisa, francis

here's the skeletal drawing of a Howler Monkey
done at the ROM

drawings i did at the Royal Winter Fair on Nov 8
had to leave a little early, kinda wished i could've stayed longer but o wells it was fun :D

thats about it for now...more to come shortly :p


Lisa Tao said...

yaaay vivian vivian yaaaay

Jurffy said...

damn i better start..
going to do that daily sketch thing with Francis now

Druie said...

woah woah those animal sketches are great!!

honjobs said...

that's one sexy pig sketch

HiengT said...

Jeff Ur doing a daily sketch thing? I want in :D

I really like the pig too and the colours :D

Letz said...

i liek the colours in the piggyy :)

Sleepar said...

lol nice, is the middle one lisa, top left francis and the martha below francis? :P

is it an assignment u guys havwe to do? cause i see it on lisa's blog too XD

Vivian Lai said...

thankss :) seems the piggies popular hehe..

i actually dont really remember but i think the middle one is dom, top left is fran and below is lisa and below that is dom again i thinkk...and martha wasnt there that day :p
not an assignment, dom just showed us contour drawings so we all just tried it out and stuff :) was pretty fun

Dominique Fung said...

ya!!!!! blind contours i love itttt.