August 13, 2008

boys boys boys and otakon!

updating with some scans from my sketchbook :D

this one is a watercolour study from a magazine

and this one is a memory drawing of a guy i saw at royal winter fair, and recognized him when i saw him again for a second time on the subway :D
and i just got back from otakon like two days ago
i must say its my fav con so far this yr in terms of selling art
the ppl were a lot nicer, the artist alley was nicely organized i thought
and the costumes were cooler and funnier haha
and longer hours open at the convention
10-14hrs!! but its all good haha
it didnt even feel as tiring as AX even tho the hours were shorter there :o
and baltimore is such a nice place :) cant wait to go again~
anyways i didnt get to do many commissions at this con but here are the ones that i did :)

this is lisa and i :)
another piece i did for fun
but near the end of the convention, a man purchased it from me :o
sorry lisa! >_<

this one was the first one i did, for fun haha
but i ended up selling it and someone else asked me to redraw the exact same one
so i ended up selling two of these haha XD

a commission of aang and appa :D this was very fun and enjoyable to draw haha
<3 avatar!

this was a commission by a very cute couple :D they wore matching headphones and necklaces! (necklace isnt on the picture cuz i added it after) but it was the vivien westwood necklace~ so cute...and the guy on the left always carries that cute panda bag
the guy on the right seemed to have really like the outcome of the commission :) so it made me really happy~ yay!

and here was my last commission, fanart chibis from naruto (kakashi and iruka) hehe

yup and thats all! rawrrr


Lisa Tao said...

yayyy i want the appa and aang piece!!!

Weihsin said...

Hello Vivian: I bought two of your prints at Otakon '08 -- Bird Watch and Cloud Riding. They're very heart-warming and cheerful -- I especially like how Cloud Riding feels like a carousel, only in the sky. Just wanted to say thank you again for signing the prints, and keep up the great work! I hope to see you at other cons in future.

Jeffrey Jing-hei Cheung said...

YAY UPDATE. nice painting from the magazine, u ar improving maaan

RAWLS said...

Great stuff Viv!!! Francis convinced me to put up some pieces in the AWOL Square Foot show... I saw someone had bought your art...Beautiful work my friend!!

Anonymous said...

soooooo cuuuute~!!! just like u!

Ken said...

hey Vivian!

Glad u had a good time at the convention. I must say your Chibis are very cute, I would have bought them all for sure! Do more! PLease??

zila said...

you fail.
why don't you post more! D:::

Ken said...

yo viv!

post more chibis!

eunzi kim said...

i wanna chibi :S

Peter Hong Chan said...

love ur chibi style lol.
especially the avatar one.

On said...

I love Panda... and just bought a Morn Creations Bag from the following Blogshop:

Share with you the photos of my lovely panda tote bag tmr... hehe

comtraya said...

hello~ my sister and i commissioned the extra batman & avatar last Otakon! i was hoping to see you at Otakon this year T_T will you be returning ever? can't wait to see more of your art in person

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