August 7, 2008

square foot.

trying to keep myself busy and my posts more frequent!
that means more art! yayyy :D
anyways please check out this show if ur in town or just have some free time!

here are my pieces, which u can find at the show!! :D

format: 12x12
title: bird watch
medium: acrylics on canvas

format: 12x12
title: hand in need
medium: mixed media on wooden panel



lotto numbers said...

Whoever owns this blog, I would like to say that he has a great idea of choosing a topic.

Lettie said...

haha cute~~ ~

Francis said...

Cute pieces, and swirly! If you look at the owl from far, it looks like the belly are his mouth grinning.

[B]ehram said...

nice paintings Viv. Like the thingy climbing the tree alot.

Ken said...

Ive been missing a lot of great posts!

These are cool, wish I could stop by the show, but er, its a bit out of my way. Hope it goes well!

Peter Hong Chan said...

wow! your pieces are awesome!!

Anonymous said...

swirls are fun!!!!! =DDDD