August 5, 2008

cloud riding.

had fun with this were fun to draw as always :)
had some trouble with the clouds but it was good practice for me i guess!! haha
this was entered into the exotique4 contest...haha hope it gets in? :P


Carrie said...

wow, very creative! It's so nice

Lisa Tao said...

good luckkk :D

Saigonradio said...

Hah Nice piece. Yo I saw you guys in James Jeans video. Check it out on his blog!

Jeff said...

i was browsing the exotique entries and saw your entry beside mine *_*
(due to same last name haha)
hope we get in!

Francis said...

good luck! all that cloud painting practice from guru paying off?

Vivian Lai said...

carrie: thank you! :D

tao: haha thankss!! you tooooo laa~

peter: haha yeahh i saw! lols im in there for like hardly a third of a second lols
but still cool! haha and thanksss :)

jeff: best of lucks to bothh of usss haha :p

fran: u too! lol nooo cuz i only drew reallly weird cloud shapesss and its was supposed to come out really diff lol

Anonymous said...
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Jeffrey Jing-hei Cheung said...

How it gets in, I love this idea so much I'm using it as my wallpaper right now!

Vivian Lai said...

jeff: hahaa yayyyy thats so cool :D thanks jeffff lol did u enter?

Ken said...

Hey Vivian! this is very cool, I love their happy faces :D neat idea too. Best of luck

What did you paint this with?

Vivian Lai said...

hey ken :)
i just painted this with adobe photoshop! cs2~


zila said...

nice!! =D