August 3, 2008

sketch sketch

sorry for the lack of posts! its been a busy summer~ finished my internship at guru studio. learned lots :) and had a great time...been doing a little con hopping! went to california, LA (AX) and went again to San Diego Comicon. had lotsa fun and got the opportunity to meet plenty of talented and inspiring artists :) was very cool and funnnn~ been trying to draw more and heres some sketches pulled out from my sketchbook :)

im really loving these swirl things...i can do it forever <3


Saigonradio said...

Hey definitely nice meeting new artists also.

These sketches are fresh. Scan and show more to the public. Very nice.

Jeffrey Jing-hei Cheung said...

Very nice to see an update, you're style changed a little i think.

Francis said...

I like the swirls too!