June 11, 2008

sketch dump

in order of being done, oldest to newest:

got my new sketchbook not long ago, had this random thought on the go train of a kid marching lol :)
at go for tea, ken and a random nobody girl ~

on my way to work, i saw this girl sitting by a tree, and everything looked like it was leaning in one direction lol, just found it amusing. the image stayed in my head and i farted it out a week or two after at destinys, drinking more bbt...lol :p

attended for my very first time, bobby chiu's subway sketch
was quite fun :) hoping to go do some more of that
anyways, didnt get much that day but i kind of liked this one~
not sure if the man knew if i was drawing him or not (tho he probably did)
i caught him smiling every once in a while...(to himself?) lol
he was a good model :) stayed fairly still!


Jeffrey Jing-hei Cheung said...

You improved. Goodajoba!

zila said...

hahahaha nice dump! i like how u fart ur drawrings~~ ^^ what a nice model! he's super cool!! ur link is now on my page =B

andrew said...


thanks for the comment......nice sketches here, I remember that subway guy

Ken said...

Hey Vivian! A post just for me? I am honoured! Loving the portraits. Esp the second image, very cool and dynamic. I also like the design of the faces.

Have u thought about Pascal Blais?

Yeh Biro is a fantastic name! Try using it over there and see if it catches on lol. Its named after Lazlo Biro btw, the pens inventor. Apparently :D

The film is meant to be out sometime in 2009 providing all us inbetweeners and animators dont die from exhaustion haha. You better go see it in the cinema!

I posted - you are quite demanding haha. Which is good coz it stops me being lazy!

laura zheng said...

noice posts
i esp like the girl and the tree great colors!!!
the hand on the dude seems a bit, u know

ya i shouldve borrowed that umbrella that day....

see u around

Yuriy Sivers said...

really cool!

ErikaD said...

hey!!! haha that guy on the top looks like ken! is he the source of inspiration? hahah! i love it! nice job sayang! <3

Bobby Chiu said...

I love the girl and the tree hehehe... nice creativity!