November 4, 2008

demo so real

my demo reel!! with like..a very small update in it lols


Lisa Tao said...

update is the whale thing :D ding ding ding WINNER

Ken said...

nice work viv :)

I must say... that has to be the most awesome showreel music ever! It made me chuckle... what was it???

liuliu said...

hahaa made me think how adorable Vivian is!!remind me of the kirby nintendo

Vivian Lai said...

haha yeah u got the update :p but u missed some! lol so only partial winwin

ken, its from the OST of the psp game locco rocco hehe
check it out its pretty cute :)

lulu, haha...wat do u mean kirby nintendo D: where?

David Hwang said...

Where's the updates? D: