May 13, 2008



Lettie said...

how come the 2nd one is only half a head? : O
keke like the colour scheme

Vivian Lai said...

cuz he was peeking over a lifedrawing board o_o

thanks :D

Jeffrey Jing-hei Cheung said...

haha, creeepy!

Yuriy Sivers said...

i have not been on your blog in ages. awesome updates.

Ken said...

Hey Vivian!

Great to see you posting again :D Love the use of watercolour and your dragons are coool. Enjoying the internship?

haha a biro? Its like a cheapy bic pen. We call em biros over ere!

Anonymous said...

cooool~~~ hahah i like ur dragons! ur co op sounds fun!!! add photo stuff or make a blog so i can add u to my photo list!!! =D

Ken said...

Yeh you should post more! In fact, thats an order haha

Shame the internship is coming to an end. But hey! Gives you the chance to move on and explore new things :) Where u gonna apply to nxt?

Haha we are talking about the same thing. I checked - mine is officially a Bic pen. Why do we call em biros here? hmmm

Yeh the film is looking stunning, seriously I cant stress how beautiful it is.. The job is great thanks, can be repetitive, but im still lovin it!

eagerly anticipating nxt post lol

LauraBraga said...

Hi Vivian!!
wow...your sketches are great!!!
I Love your lines!!
my best compliments on your work!!