February 5, 2008

portfolio timessss

some new personal artwork for my portfolio since im looking for an intern/co-op placement this summer, part of the school deal
online portfolio: http://animation.sheridanc.on.ca/portfolio/Internship/laiv/
linky linky

the first one...i actually saw a guy in the lab that kinda looks like this/inspired me on this lol :P

and this one...yeah speaks for itself O_o seems like i enjoy drawing retarded things haha


Ken said...

very nice! i like your painted portrait. Nerdy guy. I feel for him, being a nerd meself lol

And the two characters below made me laugh - love their eyes!!! retarded things rock.

Good luck with the placement thingymajiggy


ErikaD said...

is that clement? hahah
i like the nerd !

zamzami said...

Luv ur works...it's all nice...already add ur link in my blog...

Vist me here...


Ken said...

aww man, update update! haha I miss your posts

Vivian Lai said...

erika: haha no its not clement, but it isss someone from animation i think...seen him in the labs a couple times :P

ken: haha sorry!! i will try to update sooon :( been so busy with school work lol