November 24, 2007


here are some CG's i did on my ds lite :O
its a program called colors!
pretty cool :)

#1st attempt

and yeah heres another one i spent more time on :o

note: ds' are cool, everyone should have 'em D:

and heres a monster i drew on paper then coloured
it in photoshop after D:

"chu munstah!"

hmmm need to do co-op this summer
a little worried for my portfolio and what to show
any suggestions?


Alexei Martins said...

Nintendo RULES!!!
beautiful ds paintings!!!

Martha Chan said...

wahhh i want that game

Odon said...

Good stuff! Life drawings are killer, keyframes-great, character!

I have to wait til after Xmas to buy myself a DS, just in case someone was gonna buy me one.


bluejazz87 said...

Good work.

Ken said...

these are great!!! I have seen a few people painting on a DS... it makes me want to buy one!

I esp like the blob. I have a thing for blobs.

Co-op? Co-operative piece?

Vivian Lai said...

alexei: haha it doess ruleee :)

odon: heyy thanks! i think i need to upload newer stuff tho :p
haha wishing someone gets u one for xmas! thats pretty smart~ but for sure get oneee if u dont manage to land one on christmas :) its worth it!

bluejazz: thanks^^!

ken: haha yeahh you should get one! actually i think u neeed to buy one haha :) lotsa games to play on it too~ i have a thing for blobs too haha~
co-op to intern..need to do co-op during the summer :o!! its requireddd~ so i hope i get a nice placement :o really need to work on my portfolio tho!

Ken said...

haha I neeeed to buy one? You may be right! Oh games too... if I buy one i will be sure to spend all my time playing them. Dilemma! I will convince myself it is only for artful purposes :D haha we should start a blob appreciation society or summit. Ah ok! I got ya, good luck with finding a placement! Lookin forward to more DS sketches

Hodges! said...

yes ds colours, i need that one bad, ds is the best, if you play ff3 let me know, theres a secret you need 7 dif people with the game to do

Vivian Lai said...

ken: haha yess u neeeed to buy one! its a pretty cool art program actually! haha and mario party is out now! so fun :P lol blob society haha sounds interesting~ thanks in regards to the placement thing!!!

hodges: yupyup i think u should get it :o think u'd enjoy the program :)
ff3 i started at some point but its so hardd!! haha 7 ppl? how many ppl do u know so far that play? i only know like one other :P
and i started FF revenant wings :D

Lettie said...

wah so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peter Chan said...

nice ds colors paintings! lol

coop...port...ahh i remember the stress from last year lol. well depends on what kinda coop job u want right? dif portfolio for dif jobs. good luck tho!

Deck said...

Those pictures you drew are awesome! I wish i could draw as good as you.