March 14, 2007

Character Design Stuff

Key Poses for Given Sequence

1. Boy walks happily.
2. Boy encounters box.
3. Boy looks at box with curiousity.

4. Boy opens box.
5. Boy finds out what's in the box.
6. Boy runs away.

yay D:

1. Koala sneaks.
2. Koala looks at the item he cannot have.
3. Koala grabs item.

4. Koala shows glee.
5. Koala gets caught!
6. Koala feels guilt.

aaaaw :(

Muzzle and Beak Assignment

eeeeevil koalaaaa :O


not 100% satisfied with my beak character, will probably fix or redo the character as i did for the koala for the upcoming beak synch animation :o

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